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i want you(she's so heavy)

just a few words on the first time i heard this song. this was written up for my music theory class.

I was listening to The Beatles album Abbey Road while talking to my Dad. It was his original cop of the record and I was excited to be hearing something so "vintage." I had heard some of the songs from the album previously, but there were many I had never heard or even heard of. My Dad's record player is very old and it doesn't rotate as fast as it should. Because of such, the records he play come out sounding a half step flat. It gives it a different feel though, one that's more laid back and slower.

The record finally got to the last song on side 1, "I Want You(She's So Heavy)", one of the songs I had never heard before. The song moves pretty slow to begin with and even slower when played on my Dad's record player. I really liked the "jam" feel of the song. Lennon's vocal performance was fantastic and McCartney's bass playing was top notch as usual. But the part that really sticks with me is the last minute and a half or so.

The insistent repetition of the main theme is so haunting and I was kept in suspense wondering where the song was going to go. Underlying the band is this consistent buzzing, static crescendo. It screams at you until finally it reaches a place and volume where you can't help but notice it. The static is the building to such an abrupt ending. Everything literally cuts out right in the middle of the phrase. Whether deliberate or by accident, it is wonderful. It's a tense guessing game set to music that still gives me goosebumps.

I think the combination of the listening environment and the music itself, with a primal energy embodied in that last minute and a half, are what make this piece of music stick out to me.

and here's a picture of myself i recently made, inspired a lot by the portrait of george harrison done in 1968.

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