bungalo_bill (bungalo_bill) wrote,

uh. so...

so i haven't been on livejournal much this summer. this seems to be more a downtime thing in college. so obviously i had a lot of downtime in college.

anyway, if anyone wishes to know. college was good, summer is awesome. HP is awesome. beatles are still awesome, but i find that i'm more likely to be obsessive when i'm on the computer and on livejournal. it's not a bad thing, it's just in the summer i'm with friends a lot more, and i'm not at the computer looking at pictures of them, making graphics of them, constantly listening to them.

cause you know, i have a job and such...

(plus HP)

anyway. if you want to know what i've been doing with my summer. i've been making some music which is cool, working at an ice cream place which is cool, working at a video place for an internship which is very educational and cool, and making lots of short movies with my friends, which is totally awesome. here's one, check out more on the youtube account.

oh and i also run a small xanga site call beatle_pic_a_day. which is more like beatle_pic_whenever_i_remember_to_update. but it's still cool, and maybe you can refresh your memory on some beatle pics you haven't seen in awhile. (i got them all from LJ just so you know.)

i'm usually the one behind the camera. directing and such.
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